29th March: We received letters and cards from our European friends


From Italy we got beautiful cards with beautiful drawings from the kids.The letters were colorful.We could see photos of the kids.They had a map of Italy where we could see where they live. We liked these cards very much.

From Turkey we received letters with beautiful paintings. Some children wrote them in turkish and translated them in english. The children tried to draw a greek flag and a turkish one, turtles, hearts and flowers.The cards were beautiful, too.

From Poland we received letters. Children wrote the letters in the computer and they printed them. Most of the children are interested in music and they play many musical instruments.

From Finland, we received letters with photographs of the children. They wrote about their hobbies, their pets and their familly.There is a lot of snow and the weather is cold there.

I received a letter from Miikkael.He is from Finland.

He is 12 years old. His hobbies are judo and reading. Miikkael doesn't have any pets. He has 4 gerbils. His favourite food is spaghetti and he drinks ice tea. His favourite school subjects are maths and art. His favourite cartoon chapters are Garfield and Donald Duck. In Finland the weather is snowy and cold.


I received letters from Anna. She is from Poland. She is eleven years old. She goes to Primary school in class 5b. Her favourite subject is English and P.E. She doesn't like Maths and Polish. After school she goes to her home and she does her homework. In the evening she surfs the internet. She plays violin too and she likes sports.