December-January: Project for peace

Guernica is a symbol against war.

Picasso painted Guernica in 1937.

It is a painting about bombarding the town Guernica ,Spain,by the German army.

It is in grey colors for dramatism.


the bull,symbol of Spain,looks shocked

the mum is crying with dead child in her hands

the horse is screaming

but in the centre ,there is a light and a candle for hope

on the right ,there are faces looking like ghosts.

Studying the symbols of Guernica, we linked the theme of the painting with songs about peace

(imagine, blowin'in the windwe are the world give peace a chance)

We listened to songs,we collected the lines we liked,we sang 'Imagine' and 'We are the world' .

We talked about 100 ideas for a more peaceful world

Quotes and favourite expressions for peace:

Peace is like a flower, it's pleasant like a shower, Refreshing like the morning sun, it's what makes the survival run.

I found poems for peace in:

John Ax.

On the 6th of March, the day against bullying, we watched a small video: