March 2012:

We acted out a scene from the "Midsummer night's dream" by Shakespeare:

Yesterday we acted out a scene of Shakespeare’s play ‘midsummer night's dream’.

In ancient Greece there was a girl named Hermia who loved a young man, Lysander. However, her father said she had to marry Demetrius but she did not want to. She and Lysander escaped to a forest.

Helena was Hermia’s friend and loved Demetrius. Helena and Demetrius also ran away to the forest. Soon, they got tired and they fell asleep under the trees.

In the forest there was Nick Bottom, an actor and his group, who were putting on a play. Farther though the forest the queen of fairies Titania was arguing with her husband, Oberon who was very angry with her. So, he sent Puck the playful sprite, to bring the juice from the love flower to make him love again...